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Education, Awareness and Advocacy

We carry out awareness raising through campaigns, advocacy, seminars, presentations, publications, documentaries, with emphasis on solutions to environmental problems.

We are currently working on Building a Green School (a documentary), Masaibu na Haki Ya Wanyama (TV series based on animal rights), The Last Island (a movie based on corruption, environmental degradation, human rights and the challenges facing indigenous communities) and The Interception (investigative movie based on poaching and ivory trafficking). Several other concepts are still under development.

We are also developing radio programmes to be rolled out nationally in various languages. We intend to run weekly Radio and TV programmes and incorporate environmental concepts and topics into already existing mainstream media programmes.

Training and Capacity Building

In order to achieve measurable and sustainable results, strengthen skills and enhance performance of educators, volunteers, youths, and others, we offer training and capacity development opportunities through various programmes and forums.

We provide a variety of tools and materials to assist teachers as they incorporate and implement environmental education in the curriculum. These include books, discussion guides, journals, lesson plans, professional development seminars, and other events designed for educators.


As a grassroots’ organization, our main responsibility is to reach out to the people at the grassroots level. This is done through our volunteers, ambassadors and members.

Online Environmental Education Resource Center

Our online resource center provides a one-stop section for environmental education materials, curriculum resources, instructional tools and other environmental-related resources for educators and other stakeholders who want to incorporate environmental issues into their activities.

The resources include books, articles, publications, research papers, audio-visuals, newsletters, magazines, discussion guides, activities, lessons plans and other environment-related resources. Access the resources here (link to resource center)

Creative Arts

We employ avenues such as drama, debates, public speaking, songs, movies e.t.c. to create awareness and educate the general public about environmental issues.


Enviromapping entails identification of ‘environmental hotspots’, gathering and plotting data online to generate a map of environmental information based on data on environmental threats like pollution, illegal logging, poaching, hazardous waste in any part of the country that may affect biodiversity, air, water, land and health. This is instrumental in spotting an environmental red-flag and mobilizing action towards its resolution.

Environmental Competitions

We hold competitions in essays, quizzes, drawings, debates, public speaking, songs and drama other areas. The competitions are centered on environmental issues and the winners are rewarded with various prizes. These kinds of competitions encourage the students to conduct research on environmental issues hence stay informed and boost their involvement in environmental conservation.

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